We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

We Asked

Metro South Health is committed to delivering the best possible services within the catchment it serves and values your input.  The purpose of public enagement via the MSH Consultation Hub was to seek feedback on the DRAFT Metro South Health Maternity and Neonatal Health Service Plan to ensure that our health services meet the current and future needs of our population.

You Said

28 respondents provided feedback via the online consultation hub, while written feedback via email was received by a further 5 respondents. Overall, the responses to the health service plan were positive with over 60% agreeing that the strategies and actions match the needs of pregnant women in Metro South.

25% of online respondents disagreed with this statement. Negative responses centred on the need to raise the priority of facility upgrades, some issues not being discussed extensively enough in the plan, the need for resourcing to implement actions, the need for clarification of certain statements and additional data and a perception that the plan was not broad enough in addressing specific needs of certain population groups and certain facilities within Metro South.

We Did

Summary of the key themes emerging from the public consultation that have resulted in amendments to the health service plan:

  • Additional content was added on perinatal mental health prevalence, MSH Oral Health services and culturally diverse residents of MSH
  • Clarification throughout the document of the use of terms such as: evidence-based, patient vs woman-centred, continuity of care/carer, migrant/refugee vs CALD
  • Additional statistics on vaginal vs caesarean deliveries and health outcomes
  • Inclusion of broader range of service partners, e.g. now includes Children’s Health Queensland
  • General editing, proofing and restructuring of content