The Dignity Project

Closes 30 Jun 2021


You are invited to take part in The Dignity Project Part I forum. Your participation in this research is voluntary. A research team that includes reserachers from Metro South Health, The Hopkins Centre, and Griffith University is conducting this research.  You are being asked to complete an online survey that should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. In order to be eligible to participate, you must identify as a person with disabilty or qualify as a person with disability by government and/or service standards.

Your information will be used to develop an understanding of what dignity means for people with disability, what the barriers are to achieving dignity and what methods could be used to ensure that everyone  is treated in a dignified manner. Your stories and experiences will be used to uncover the little things that make a big difference as well as highlight the pathways we should never again travel.

All the information that you provide will be kept anonymous and confidential. While answering the questions, if you include the use of names, dates or places that may make you or other people identifiable, these elements will be removed from your response. If you submit video or audio recordings, they will be transcribed and your identity will be removed prior to the analysis of the data.

You will be asked about your experiences with dignity, including information about specific situations and interactions. You may answer the survey questions directly in the survey platform, by typing or dictating text into the text box. You may also upload a word document, video, or audio recording. These recordings may be done on your phone, computer, or other recording device. To upload them for each question, you must click on the attach button at the bottom of the question. Specific instructions for each question can be found in the survey.

We have ensured that this platform is accessible to the greatest diversity of people, however, if you eperience any barriers when accessing or submitting this survey, please let us know. User testing for this survey was undertaken by The Hopkins Centre Ambassador's Council and the Centre for Accessibility Ltd., under the direction of Dr. Scott Hollier.

An information sheet for participants has been developed to provide you with more information about this project, what your participation means, and what we are doing with the information you provide. If you have not already read that document, it is attached here. Please take the time to review it and contact the research team if you have any questions.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

The research team recognises that the survey discusses material that some participants may find sensitive or triggering. The research team aims to reduce the burden of this by ensuring you understand the research, consent to participate, and offers further follow up support if required. In order to further alleviate any risk to participants, the research team encourages you to complete the survey with a member of your support network on hand to provide any physical, emotional, or mental support that you may need. However, your support person cannot answer the questions on your behalf.

Should you find yourself becoming emotionally distressed, please contact your primary care provider or Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636) or Lifeline Australia (13 11 14). You may also wish to contact the research team directly (contact information below)

Who has approved this research project?

This project will be carried out according to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans (2018). This statement was developed to protect the interests of participants. All research in Australia is reviewed by an independent group of people called a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). The ethical aspects of this research project have been approved by the HREC of Metro South Health and by the HREC of Griffith University.

This research has been funded partially by the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist.

Further information and who to contact

The person you may need to contact will depend on the nature of your query.  If you want any further information concerning this project or if you have any problems that may be related to your involvement in the project, you can contact the researcher or any of the following people:


   Research contact person


Kelsey Chapman


Co-ordinating Principal Investigator




Local HREC Office and Complaints Convenor contact


HREC Coordinator


3443 8049