Consumer Liaison Service - Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints Brochure Consultation

Closed 16 May 2014

Opened 17 Apr 2014

Results expected 23 May 2014

Feedback Updated 15 Dec 2014

We Asked

Is our Consumer Liaison Service brochure easy to read and understand?

You Said

The font (writing) size was too small, only partly clear and easy to understand. You also said that we need more cultural assistance details.

We Did

We increased the font size where able, we used symbols and adapted a 1,2,3 step by step process for ease of understanding the process. We also included information for interpreters and hearing impaired.


The Consumer Liaison Service (CLS) is a point of contact for consumers to provide feedback on their healthcare service experience.  This includes compliments, suggestions and complaints.  

Consumer feedback assists us in improving our services and is an effective means of identifying areas of improvement and recognising areas of achievement. 

An effective way of collecting this data is the use of the CLS Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints Brochure which is widely available across our facility for our consumers to exercise their right to provide feedback.  We are actively seeking consumer input into the layout, presentation and usefulness of the information provided within the Brochure.

Why We Are Consulting

Metro South Health Service recognises the need to receive feedback from all our consumers and communities including those from different cultures and backgrounds.  All of our consumers are encouraged to provide feedback on their healthcare experience. CLS is requesting the assistance of our consumers in ensuring our brochure is accessible, easy to understand and is useful in assisting them to provide feedback. 

What Happens Next

Feedback will be collected and collated following the consultation process.  This feedback will be utilised in the review and redesign of the CLS brochure. 



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