Engagement and Consultation tools / platforms user requirements.

Closed 20 Jun 2022

Opened 31 May 2022

Results expected 24 Jun 2022

Feedback expected 27 Jun 2022


Citizens Space is our current survey tool approved for use in QH and meets cyber security requirements. We have asked the users of citizens space, about its usability including survey creation and data outputs. We asked if other platforms were also being used - they are.

The aim of this survey is to understand from broad representation throughout QH that create surveys and other engagement campaigns with staff and/or consumers what functions are needed?

Why your views matter

We have heard the views of people who use Citizens space, Now we need to hear from people who use other platforms. It may be that you are unfamilliar with Citizens space, or that it doesnt meet your needs.

This consultation will inform the user requirements of an electronic consultation platform for the future.


  • All Areas


  • All Staff


  • Person-Centred Care