Electronic Medication Recording

Closed 14 Aug 2015

Opened 10 Aug 2015

Feedback Updated 18 Dec 2015

We Asked

Whether patients found Tall Man lettering confusing or difficult to read, by comparing a medication information leaflet and medication list with Tall Man lettering applied against the same leaflet and list without Tall Man lettering applied.

You Said

40 patients took part in a focus group reviewing the leaflet and list. 38 found the Tall Man lettered materials non-confusing or did not notice the capitalisation. The 2 patients who did not find Tall Man lettering clear were able to understand the value of Tall Man lettering after a brief explanation.

We Did

Medication names were changed to include the recommended Tall Man lettering capitalisations on previous work and have been incorporated into future work as the project proceeds.

Results Updated 18 Dec 2015

The Medication Management project adopted Tall Man lettering techniques into the medication catalogue to improve selection accuracy and patient outcomes.


The PA Hospital is reviewing the electronic recording of medications. They have the option to use a spelling method called "Tall Man lettering" which involves capitalising key letters within drug names to better help doctors, nurses, and pharmacists select the correct drug for their patient.

This record will also be seen by consumers and therefore we would like to hear your feedback on the use of the system.


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