ANSAT Enrolled Nurses Assessor evaluation

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Closes 31 Aug 2021


1. Are you a RN or EN
2. How often do you assess student Enrolled Nurse?
3. Do you have a formal education qualification?
4. With the assessment tool, was the language used in the tool easily understood
5. The tool was practical to use in the clinical area
6. The tool can be completed in a timely manner
7. The tool had enough statements to accurately assess the student
8. The scoring rules were helpful
9. Within each of the standards for practice items I felt confident using the lobal rating scale to rate the students performance
10. I felt confident using the global rating scale to judge the students performance for their stage of practice
11. The tool is self-explanatory
12. Did you find the behavioural cues (last two pages) helpful for communication in the assessment?
13. Do you believe the behavioural cues (last two pages) would be more useful if on the front page?
14. Do you have any additional comments on the tool?
15. Do you have any addition the behavioural cues would could assist other assessors?