FEEDS reviewers survey

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Closes 27 Sep 2021


1. When were you last involved in the development of a FEEDS document?
2. What was your role in the FEEDS document?
3. Do you think the FEEDS documents are useful for guiding dietetic practice? Why?
4. Do you think the effort you put in to the development of FEEDS documents was worth it? Why?
5. Did you think there was enough guidance on what was supposed to be included in the FEEDS document? Why?
6. How comfortable were you that the final document produced reflected the highest level of evidence available at the time (or expert consensus if limited evidence)?
7. What do you think could have been done to further improve the quality of the FEEDS toolkit you contributed to?
8. What worked well with the review/ development of the FEEDS document in terms of the process to getting it finalised and approved?
9. What improvements to the process of finalising and approval of the FEEDS document would you have liked to have seen take place?
10. Are there any other comments you would like to make with regards to the finalising and approvals process for reviewing or developing FEEDS documents?
11. Why did you contribute to the development or review of a FEEDS document?
12. How would you have liked to have been acknowledged for your contribution to developing or reviewing the FEEDS toolkits?