Consumer Advisor Drive - Logan & Beaudesert Hospitals

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Closes 29 Nov 2023


1. What is your name?
2. What is your address?
3. What is your phone number?
4. What is your email address?
5. What is your work status? (Metro South Health is an equal opportunity employer and all information you share is kept strictly confidential)
6. What days do you work?
7. What are your shift hours?
8. Do you require support to attend group meetings? (If yes please provide details of the support you need)
9. Do you have experience as a patient, a family member of a patient, a carer of a patient or a community leader for a patient at Logan or Beaudesert Hospital?
10. Please explain your reason for expressing interest in the Consumer Advisor role and how you would like to contribute.
11. Please describe what your strengths are and what you may need assistance with.
12. We'd love to know a little more about you:
13. What age group are you?
14. If you provide an email address you will be sent a receipt and a link to a PDF copy of your response.