Acute Physiotherapy Referrer Satisfaction Survey 2020

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Closes 25 Jan 2021


1. How satisfied are you with the time taken for your referrals to physiotherapy to be actioned?
2. How satisfied are you with the overall outcome of the physiotherapy service (including documentation / consultation re: progress / outcomes & plan for follow up / discharge)?
3. Are you aware that patients flagged to physiotherapy on PFM or MPTL that lack a formal referral (face to face or telephone) WITH indication for intervention in ieMR will not be reviewed by physiotherapy?
4. To appropriately manage workload, physiotherapy is unable to "screen" patients to determine their current level of mobility. Are you aware that patients require an identified acute decline in their mobility to be appropriate for a physiotherapy review?
5. Are you aware that the ONLY referrals that will be actioned by the weekend physiotherapy service are: 1. Chest physiotherapy with evidence of retained secretions, 2. Mobility to facilitate imminent discharge, and 3. Physiotherapy as the only intervention that will impact on length of stay?
6. Are you aware that only medical officers can refer to the weekend service for chest physiotherapy?
7. Are you aware that a registrar or consultant is required to refer to the emergency on-call physiotherapy service (located off site 24hours a day) and that contact is made through switch?
8. How satisfied are you that there is enough education regarding how to refer to physiotherapy and the role of physiotherapists on the wards?
9. Please provide any further comments that you wish to add regarding the referral process for the acute physiotherapy service.