Healthy Lifestyle Facebook Page Survey

Closed 12 Jun 2014

Opened 5 Jun 2014

Feedback Updated 1 Jul 2014

We Asked

For your input to develop a healthy lifestyle challenge using our Metro South Health Facebook page and QLD Health's Healthier.Happier resources. We asked whether you have used the Health Age Calculator, whether you use Facebook, your interest in and what you want from a healthy lifestyle challenge and any additional suggestions you might have.

You Said

Three quarters of people who completed the survey had not tried the Healthier.Happier Health Age Calculator or the Health and Fitness Age App. The top three things you would like to see in a healthy lifestyle challenge are: facts about food and health, healthy recipes and questions answered by a qualified nutritionist. Just over half of you were interested in being part of a Facebook-based lifestyle challenge and sharing your healthy recipes, and nearly all of you were interested in receiving healthy recipes. Most of you were interested in sharing and receiving healthy lifestyle tips. Some of your suggestions included: evidenced-based, reliable information, an emphasis on physical activity across the health/life continuum and information that is appropriate for those on limited budgets. You would also like to see greater use of community activities, school agendas and GP involvement.

We Did

We developed a project plan for a user-friendly nutrition intervention that includes your suggestions. It will be promoted on the Facebook page over the next few months. Things to do will include calculating your Health Age, posting questions for a nutritionist and sharing your health journey. We are also planning a healthy recipe competition that focuses on the traditional foods of our culturally-diverse community.


Metro South Health is keen to support community members to follow healthy lifestyles. We’d like your input to develop a healthy lifestyle challenge using our Facebook page, websites and the Qld Health's Healthier.Happier resources.

Please complete the six quick questions. It will take about 3 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous.

What Happens Next

The results of the survey are currently being analysed.

Thank you for your responses.



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