Patient Experience Survey - Concussion Clinic - PRE

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Closes 30 Sep 2022

Satisfaction with Service

The following questions are in relation to how satisfied with the services, education and support provided. Please rate your level of satisfaction with:

1. Overall, how would you rate the services that you received from the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service?
2. Satisfaction with initial appointment processes when you first came to see us?
3. Satisfaction with the education you received about your injury & symptoms?
4. Satisfaction with level of support with returning to usual activities (e.g., leisure, work, study, household tasks)?
5. Satisfaction with your progress towards things you chose to work on in therapy (e.g., learning strategies to manage fatigue, memory or emotions)?
6. Satisfaction with level of involvement and education provided to your family?
7. Satisfaction with discharge processes (e.g., letter back to GP, awareness of avenues of support)?