Workforce Engagement Strategy

Closed 23 Aug 2013

Opened 19 Jul 2013

Feedback Updated 3 Oct 2013

We Asked

For your views on the draft Workforce Engagement Strategy, in particular; • How it relates to other plans and strategies • The definitions and models that the strategy is based on • The priorities the workforce engagement strategy will focus on • How the strategy will be governed and evaluated

You Said

The content of the strategy seemed sound, reasonable and clearly described and you had a number of ideas that could be added to the strategy. The document was long and difficult to read, with too much theory included and not enough plain language. You wanted an engagement strategy that clearly focused on the importance of values and culture in the workplace. You had some doubts about how the strategy would be perceived and how effective the strategy would be following the reforms that have recently impacted on many people in the workforce.

We Did

We retained most of the key concepts, models and strategies of the Workforce Engagement Strategy and added some of the important ideas we received from staff. We shortened the strategy, removed most of the theory to an appendix and re-wrote it in plain language. We created a detailed and comprehensive plan to implement the strategy that has opportunities for many staff to be involved, targets a broad range of actions in a carefully coordinated way, supplies the support needed to do the work and has high levels of investment from the Executives of the organisation.


The successful delivery of health services is largely dependent on a workforce that is motivated, engaged, adaptable and able to demonstrate leadership at all levels.

In recognition of this, partnerships and engagement is a strategic objective of the Department of Health Strategic Plan 2012-16 (2013 update) as well as a key strategy in the Metro South Health Strategic Plan 2012-2016 to build “a sustainable, high quality workforce to meet future health needs.”

Why We Are Consulting

Metro South Health recognises that a shared understanding of workforce engagement is the first step in ensuring this is embedded in the organisational culture and practice. The mechanisms described in this strategy will impact on the way you approach your role, your career and the patients you may care for. 



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