Metro South Health Clinician Engagement

Closed 30 Nov 2012

Opened 1 Oct 2012

Results updated 22 Mar 2013

The initial Clinician Forum was held with approximately 70 health professionals in attendance.  Domains discussed included: service integration; General Practitioner Liaison; health and system literacy; ICT/PCEHR; chronic disease; aged care and ongoing clinician engagement. A key action which will be progressed is improving communication internally and with external stakeholders.


The Final Report of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission identified a need for long term national health reform in Australia to ensure all states and territories were able to provide sustainable, high quality health care. One of the aims of these health reforms has been to strengthen the engagement of clinicians, consumers and the community at the local level.

The Metro South Health Clinician Engagement Strategy 2012-2015 (the Strategy) has been developed in accordance with Section 40 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011, to promote consultation with health professionals working in the Service.  The Strategy is designed to ensure local clinicians have a voice in the planning, implementation and review of services in Metro South Health.

Why your views matter

Metro South Health recognises that people who directly provide clinical services are best placed to identify proposed improvements to service delivery and patient outcomes. 

What happens next

Various communication pathways are under development, within each of the Clinical Streams.  A Clinician Forum will be held annually to provide clinicians in Metro South Health with the opportunity to provide feedback on issues or concerns for clinicians, to develop alternatives and/ or solutions to improve patient care and participate in the planning and implementation of services in Metro South Health.



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