Person-Centred Care Module 1: An introduction to Person-Centred Care

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Opened 1 Aug 2015

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A total of 215 staff members completed the Person-Centred Care Module 1: An introduction to Person-Centred Care.


Within Metro South Health, Person-Centred Care is health care that is both respectful of and responsive to the preferences, needs and values of people—regardless of where they are in their individual healthcare journey—and the families and communities in their support networks. Person-centred care is practiced by every staff member within all our healthcare facilities; in clinical- or hospital-based settings, person-centred care focuses on ‘seeing the person in the patient’.

The four core concepts of person-centred care1:

Respect and dignity—staff listen to and honour patient and family perspectives and choices, and incorporate their collective knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds into planning and delivery of care.

Information sharing—staff communicate and share timely, complete, and accurate information so that patients and families can effectively participate in care and decision-making.

Participation—staff encourage and support patients and families to participate at their level of choice when making decisions about their healthcare.

Collaboration—staff collaborate with patients and families in policy and program development, implementation and evaluation; in health care facility design; and in professional education, as well as in the delivery of care.

The Person-Centred Care Module has been designed to assist staff in developing skills in person-centred care by exploring Empathy and Always Events and identifying practical ways to implement person-centred care every day. 



The Person-Centred Care Module will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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[1] Institute for Patient- and Family-Centred Care (2011) Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-Centred Care in Hospitals.  How to Get Started, (accessed 28 November 2013 at




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