Person-Centred Care Module 2: Applying the 8 dimensions of Person-Centred Care

Closed 31 Aug 2015

Opened 1 Aug 2015


Within Metro South Health, Person-Centred Care is health care that is both respectful of and responsive to the preferences, needs and values of people—regardless of where they are in their individual healthcare journey—and the families and communities in their support networks. Person-centred care is practiced by every staff member within all our healthcare facilities; in clinical- or hospital-based settings, person-centred care focuses on ‘seeing the person in the patient’.

In this module, you will further develop your understanding of Person-Centred Care, apply Person-Centred Care values in a range of scenarios and develop skills in planning for action around the 8 dimensions of Person-Centred Care.

There are 15 scenarios, each consisting of a stimulus photo taken from the Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy video and a series of questions focused on empathy, applying Person-Centred Care values and planning for action. 

It is recommended that you complete Module 1: An Introduction to Person-Centred Care prior to undertaking Module 2.

This module can be completed individually or as a group - online or offline.  To undertake the module offline, use the powerpoint and worksheet files below.

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