Have your say - Developing a person-centred learning experience for Metro South Health staff

Closed 4 Aug 2017

Opened 21 Jul 2017


Metro South Health are committed to delivering Person-Centred Care.  As part of this commitment, we are developing a new experiential learning workshop for all staff in Metro South Health to attend to build their understanding of person-centred care. This workshop is a key component of the Planetree program.

The aim of the workshop is to engage staff in experiences that allow them to feel what it is like to ‘walk in a patient’s shoes’ - to increase empathy and compassion, and build valuable communication and interpersonal skills. 

We need your help in designing and developing our own ‘tailor-made’ workshop to ensure we meet the needs of our workforce, our patients and our community. This is your opportunity to have input into the workshop content, how it is delivered and who runs it.


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