Consumer Feedback Portal Discussion Paper

Closed 8 Nov 2015

Opened 26 Oct 2015

Results updated 12 Nov 2015

No responses were received for this consultation.  Face-to-face consultation will be undertaken with the Consumers on Committees Network. 


The Queensland Integrated Safety Information Project (QISIP) is a collaborative effort between the Hospital and Health Services (HHS), the Human Resources Branch and the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Services.

Hospital and Health Service representatives have been involved in a number of working groups for the project. As part of those working groups it was strongly
recommended that the QISIP team seek to implement a feedback portal that would
enable the anonymous reporting of feedback by consumers.

As the portal will be used by the general public, it is important that it is designed with this target group in mind. In particular in relation to the language used, information required and flow of the portal.  The QISIP team are seeking input from consumer engagement groups across the state.

Why your views matter

Whilst the QISIP has scoped the foundation of the portal and commenced development of user stories, this work needs to be further enhanced by input from the general public and consumer user groups.

The following issues have been highlighted for your assistance:

  1. The name of the portal
  2. The level of location required (Hospital and Health Service/ facility)
  3. The process for categorising feedback (consumer or Hospital and Health Service representative)
  4. What personal details would be required upon requesting follow up
  5. Does the portal need to be compliant on various mediums (tablet devices/ smart phones)


  • All Areas


  • General Public


  • Healthcare