Health Consumers QLD Consumer Partnering Training at MSH survey

Closes 15 Sep 2020

Opened 27 Sep 2019


Thank you for attending last weeks’ Health Consumers QLD(HCQ) Consumer Partnering Training at MSH.

We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to be surrounded by fellow peers who are leading consumer partnering across Metro South Health and found some of the HCQ resources and training useful and informative.

The MSH Partnerships team needs your help to create an MSH consumer partnering training package that is meaningful to YOU and encourages the activation of consumer partnering across MSH. Ideally this package will:

  • introduce you to our MSH consumers,
  • celebrate successful MSH consumer partnering outcomes,
  • inspire and educate you on the fundamentals of consumer partnerships,
  • link you to the MSH Consumer Partnering policy/ procedures/ guideline and tools
  • connect you to consumer partnering advice & support contacts
  • demonstrate alignment with NSQHS Standards and Planetree requirements.

Thinking back to Friday’s HCQ consumer partnering training we would appreciate if you could answer this short survey. Your insights and feedback will help to create a consumer partnering training that is right for MSH.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to making consumer partnering come to life at Metro South Health.


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