How Should We Support the Community of Interest

Closed 26 Jul 2013

Opened 10 Jun 2013

Feedback Updated 19 Aug 2013

We Asked

Metro South Health would like to ensure adequate support and training is provided to enable Community of Interest members to feel comfortable getting involved. This survey sought to gain insight into methods of effective support for Community of Interest members.

You Said

Our current update newsletters are an adequate length. In addition, the information provided is appropriate, however around a third of respondents would like extra information included and some noted they would like more disease and location specific topics included. Participants advised that they would like training on several main topics: how the health services fit together; safety and quality systems in healthcare, consumer advocacy and leadership. It was also suggested that training on 'building community' be offered. The majority of participants also noted they would like training delivered in a group setting, but many would also like online or paper based training. Members of the COI indicated that when they do participate, to ensure they feel supported, they would generally like information provided to them prior to any engagement activity as well as follow-up contact following an event.

We Did

We have continued the monthly newsletter updates and ensure there are a range of geographical and disease specific topics included each month. We ensure that there are links to additional information where possible, or a phone number to call to request additional information. To ensure COI members have they training they desire, Metro South Health has scheduled a consumer training workshop in September, to be delivered by Health Consumers Queensland. This workshop will cover key topics identified by survey responders. Support for COI members participating is an important component of any engagement activity and the recently released online engagement Toolkit resource for Metro South staff recommends and advises adequate support be provided to all consumers involved in engagement activities.


This purpose of this survey is to determine the best methods of supporting Metro South Community of Interest members. This includes asking whether our current newsletter updates are helpful, what types of development activities and or learning opportunities members would like, what types of participation activities members prefer (for example, via the internet or paper surveys) and how can we make participating easier.

Why We Are Consulting

Metro South Health understands that consumers have knowledge, understanding and experience about health that is crucial for improving the accessibility, safety and quality of a health system. The Metro South Community of Interest is a group of consumers and community members who are interested in improving their understanding of health care and health service issues within the Metro South Health catchment. Metro South Community of Interest members receive regular updates regarding health service changes and opportunities to get involved.

For Community of Interest members to feel comfortable getting involved, Metro South Health would like to ensure adequate support and training is provided. Therefore, this survey seeks to gain insight into methods of effective support of Community of Interest members.  



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