Allied Health Workforce Research and Innovation Strategic Directions 2014-2016

Closed 29 Sep 2014

Opened 2 Sep 2014

Feedback Updated 11 Dec 2014

We Asked

During September 2014, Metro South Health allied health invited feedback from all allied health professionals on the Allied Health Workforce Research and Innovation Strategic Directions 2014 – 2016.

You Said

The results showed respondents agreed with the vision, goals, and objectives, with average scores across all areas 6.4 (on a scale from 1 to 7). Overall, a number of strengths of the document were highlighted including a clear focus and direction for research and innovation, the need for such a document, and strategies that target all levels of research experience and applicable to all departments/teams. Suggestions for improvement included incorporating additional strategies such as a specific reference to engaging in social media methods for promotion, for example, as well as consistent and easy reporting requirements.

We Did

A number of additional strategies and KPIs (e.g., number and type of new conjoint positions; social media included in marketing/promotion strategy) were incorporated into the document based on feedback from the consultation. In addition, a brief scorecard was developed based on the framework with reporting against the three goals incorporated as part of allied health reporting requirements. The document will now be finalised and published.


The purpose of the Allied Health Workforce Research and Innovation Strategic Directions document is to be visionary in its approach to research, innovation, and evidence-based practice to transform and improve health care and health outcomes. 

This strategy ensures that research and innovation is embedded in all health services and by all allied health professionals.

Why We Are Consulting

We are inviting all allied health professionals across Metro South Health to provide feedback on the Allied Health Workforce Research & Innovation Strategic Directions document.  Your input and suggestions are vital to achieving the vision - Transforming Health Care through Priority-driven Allied Health Research Excellence and Innovation

Please refer to the attached document below and respond to the questions on the Feedback form.  These questions are to help guide your feedback and there is an opportunity to provide additional comments as well.


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