Metro South Leadership and Mentoring Opportunities

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Closes 26 Feb 2021


1. What is your current role?
2. How would you classify the current leadership roles that you undertake in this role (tick all that apply)
3. How many years have you been a leader in Allied Health?
4. How would you rate your confidence as a leader?
5. What types of mentoring/support roles are currently available for you to access? Please include if this is provided from another HHS.
6. What types of coaching are currently available for you to access?
7. What type of mentoring or coaching would you be interested in accessing?
8. Are there any gaps in leadership/management training within Metro South? (i.e. access to training, training on specific topics, access to mentoring arrangements, supervision relating to leadership)
9. Do you provide mentoring/support in relation to leadership skill development to another HHS? If yes please specify below
10. What topics of training/development would you value for leadership development?
11. What would be the best way to present/attend these development opportunities (e.g. face to face, written resource, ad hoc meetings)
12. Any further comments about how leadership training and development could be improved for Metro South Allied Health leaders