Metro South Allied Health Supervision Audit

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Closes 30 Oct 2020


Welcome to the MSH Allied Health Supervision Survey

What is professional support?

Professional support refers to activities that create an environment where professional and personal growth may occur. Professional support includes formal supervision, formal peer group supervision, formal mentoring, journal club, work shadowing, peer review and in-services.

What is professional supervision?

Professional supervision focuses on development of clinical skills and non-clinical workplace skills. Supervision creates a working alliance between two or more clinicians where the primary intention of the interaction is to enhance knowledge, skill and attitudes of at least one member. It may include individual, group or peer supervision, or a combination of these. It does not include operational / line management / supervision.

What's in it for me?

The purpose of this survey is to gain information about what is currently happening within the health service with regards to professional support. Survey results will be used to provide feedback, help plan improvements and to track progress in meeting MS Health's minimum requirements for professional support over the next year and beyond.

How to complete the survey

Please complete this survey in one session. You can return to edit your responses to questions while you are working on the survey but cannot reopen your survey once you have closed the survey or have submitted the survey.

The survey should take no more than 10- 15 minutes to complete and your responses are anonymous.


Thank you for your time.