HELP Group Participant Feedback

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Closes 29 Oct 2027


1. What is your name?
2. What is your age group?
3. What is your sex?
4. Overall, how satisfied were you with the telehealth group education sessions (from the dietitian and psychologist)?
5. The sessions was easy to understand:
6. The slides were easy to read:
7. The sessions were easy to hear:
8. I could ask as many questions as I liked?
9. I was comfortable using telehealth:
10. I experienced technical issues (e.g. poor sound or slow connection)?
11. The information provided by text message between group sessions was helpful to me:
12. Where you happy receiving this information through text messages between group sessions?
13. The participant manual I received included helpful information that was relevant to me:
14. The information provided in the participant manual was engaging
15. The information provided in the participant manual was easy to read and understand
16. Did you find it useful having access to a dietitian consultation at the completion of the program?
17. I enjoyed the format of the HELP group (including participant manual, text messages, group sessions and option for dietitian appointment)
18. What could we do differently to better support you making changes in your diet or lifestyle?