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Metro South Health values your ideas and opinions. The Consultation Hub is a place where everyone in our Metro South Health community (patients, consumers, community groups, staff) can get involved in decisions about our health business.  Uses include

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  • To seek feedback on plans that are in draft form
  • To invite people to complete a survey to find out what they think about a topic
  • To ask people to review patient information brochures

Consultations can be open to the public or only available to a selected group of people. The Consultation Hub software collects and organises responses ready for easy analysis and timely reporting of results.

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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

A wide variety of stakeholders - staff, consumers, external service providers - were asked for feedback on the draft Dementia Services Strategy for Metro South Health.

You Said

Overall, the feedback on the Strategy was very positive. However, there were two recurring themes for improvement:

  1. The current and proposed dementia services are overly focussed on nursing and medical officer-led and delivered service models, and not consistent with contemporary multidisciplinary team approaches.
  2. The Strategy should be expanded to include a more complete, person-centred approach to accessing dementia-related health services, including high level reference to services by external providers, pathways to related (but not dementia-specific) MSH services, and services for a range of support needs (low to high). This approach would increase visibility of service gaps and overlaps, clarify service pathways, and enable consumer choice in their care/support options.

We Did

We incorporated changes reflecting your feedback into the final Dementia Services Strategy, which was endorsed by the Metro South Health Executive Planning Committee in January 2016.

We Asked

In September 2015, Metro South Health held a consumer and community forum to  gather input for our Consumer and Community Engagement Strategy 2016-2019. At the forum we asked delegates:

  • When they had experienced good engagement
  • What good engagement looks like
  • What were the key success factors for effective engagement and how these ideas could be included in the strategy

You Said

Success factors for effective engagement

  • The importance of effective two way communication
  • Trust and respect
  • Non-judgemental
  • No assumptions / pre-conceptions
  • Genuine attitude and interest in the client
  • Shared purpose – working towards the same goals
  • Learning from each other
  • Acknowledging the expertise of consumers, carers etc
  • Value of different perspectives
  • Capacity building
  • Both Metro South Health and consumers
  • Respecting different cultures and traditions
  • Understanding regions demographics
  • Cultural competency
  • Building partnership
  • Motivation and commitment to engage
  • Acknowledging and embracing Diversity

We Did

Following the forum the Metro Soutrgh Health team prepared a draft strategy incorporating the consumer and community input. The draft strategy was distributed to the forum attendeees and the Metro South Health community of interest for validation.

Consumer and community feedback on the draft strategy were incorporated where appropriate. The Metro South Health Board approved the final strategy in December 2015. 

We Asked

Out of the 4 t-shirt designs, which t-shirt design do you like the most?

You Said

54 people responded. Option 2 had the most votes with 18 people choosing this as their favourite design. Option 3 had 17 votes, Option 4 had 12 votes and Option 1 had 7 votes.

We Did

The responses were added to feedback received from other community consultation activities. In total, 254 responses were received from community members and stakeholders. Based on the results, Option 3 was chosen as the t-shirt design for the Cancer Screening Community Ambassador program.